About www.fotiphoto.com

Darren has 15 years experience photographing many different locations and events.

Graduating with a degree in photography specializing in photojournalism in 1996, Darren went on to work with publications like The Miami Herald, The Vail Daily in Colorado, and most recently with the patch.com on-line news source in San Anselmo, California.

Darren Has also worked with the California Film Institute, Mill Valley Film Festival, and Community Action Marin to name some recent clients.  Darren has given school lectures on alternative camera techniques and DIY camera construction from household items.

During schooling Darren went back to work processing and printing photographs in Denver.  At this time he was able to perfect density and color assessment at a moments glance.  Using Noritsu and Fuji  processing machines, a roll of 36 images were printed in less that 60 seconds. An average shift could produce over 6,000 images.

After moving to California, Darren started to work at a Camera store in San Anselmo.  This store is the 5th oldest camera store still in operation since 1947, and had a huge used camera section.

 During this time Darren became the teacher for the monthly classes that the store would offer in camera operation of all digital type cameras.  After 6 years of working at the camera store and teaching group and private camera and computer instruction, It was time for Darren to move on and back where his thoughts were..... Colorado.

Leaving Colorado for NYC was a huge shock in the best of ways.  Now the circle is complete, and Darren Back in Colorado and is ready to make some new images!